Our Staff

John Goddard


John started Goddard & Associates, LLC in 2004 because he wanted to provide a higher level of personal attention to businesses which allows them to improve their benefit packages while still improving their bottom line.


Michael Irvine

Senior Consultant

Michael has been working at Goddard and Associates since 2009 and strives to match companies with the benefit packages that provide employees with the best options while keeping everyone's cost low.


Renee McCarthy

Client Service Associate

Renee has been with Goddard & Associates, LLC since 2018 and her mission is to make sure that your company has the best benefit package possible.


Julie Blossfield

Account Manager

Julie has been with Goddard & Associates, LLC since 2012.  She operates and manages the our office and is often times the main point of contact when you call us.  Julie's friendly demeanor and happiness makes everyone's day better.


Shawn-Lee Goddard

Legal/Compliance Officer

Shawn uses her jurist degree and knowledge of the law to ensure that Goddard &Associates, LLC is current with all rules and regulations in regards to HIPAA, OSHA, BS


Andrea Arens

Administrative Assistant


Andrea has been with Goddard & Associates, LLC since 2010.  Her role as administrative assistant is to work with our consultants to ensure that our clients needs are being met.


Jan-Paul Arens

Technology Administrator

Jan-Paul has worked at Goddard & Associates since 2010 serving as the technology administrator working on web development and social media.